Captain Fin Co. – Andy Davis “Bolts” 10″




  • Andy Davis + Captain Fin

    Introducing the latest collection designed by our long time friend Andy Davis. Andy has a unique style of art that compliments the Captain Fin brand and we’re happy to share it with you…Enjoy!

    The Andy Davis Bolts 10 is designed for fun times on the nose while removing some of the base to loosen up your turns. Ride this fin in your favorite squaretail.

Height: 10″

Base: 6.8″

Area: 53.14 sq in


Captain Fin Co. are an uber-cool Californian company. Specialising in unique fins, they all carry artwork chosen by the surfer that designed the template. If you want a fin designed, tested, and ridden by some of the worlds best, whilst standing out from the crowd, there really is no other option for you.


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