About Us

unsunghero are a surf company based in Pembrokeshire. We make custom boards and sell the best hardware and accessories on the market.

We make all types of boards from traditional Alaia boards, custom Epoxy and Polyester boards through to the hollow wooden boards which use cutting edge design technology. Also skateboards, handplanes (both wooden and recycled surfboard foam) and anything in between. Working on a one-off basis means there is human interaction at every process of the design and manufacture of all our boards.

We also stock and supply quality hardware. All of which we recommend and use ourselves.

Having shaped his first board as a teenager, Grant has now been shaping ever since. At first as a hobby, and then as a “real job”.

In starting unsunghero, Grant has been able to develop his own style without any influences from outside sources and free from the constraints of mass production. He firmly believes that being a shaper isn’t about churning out hundreds of the same board every year but instead, it is about working on a whole range of surfcraft.

His motivation not only comes from having one of the best jobs in the world (also in the nicest place in the world) but mainly from working on something different everyday, and the stoke from giving someone a unique board, personally suited to them.